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12K Dead, 600K Injured, 1,000 Unborn Babies Dead from COVID Vaccines, CDC Says

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There are now more deaths and injuries likely due to reactions to the coronavirus vaccines than all other vaccines combined, according to numbers published by the CDC.

The numbers can be found in the Centers for Disease Control Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). The latest numbers were released last Friday, the National Vaccine Information Center noted.

The latest report shows that there have been 11,940 deaths and 618,648 injuries among 518,770 cases, including 12,808 permanent disabilities, 65,272 emergency room visits, 40,873 hospitalizations, and 11,198 life threatening injuries. It is acknowledged that these numbers are not all such cases in the U.S., but this database is the most comprehensive one there is.

There were also 1,175 deaths of unborn babies following COVID vaccine injections.

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The CDC cautions that these numbers do not necessarily mean that the COVID vaccine was the culprit in the injuries and deaths.

However, when stacking this current report up to past reports, it becomes clear that there are many times more deaths and injuries reported by VAERS. And the only difference between past years and today is the existence of the COVID vaccine.

The numbers of deaths in the past year amount to about 1,492 deaths per month. But the average between the years 1991 and Nov. of 2020, there were only 17 deaths per month immediately following the administering of FDA-approved vaccines.

That is a huge jump!

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