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145 GOP House Members Vote to Keep Cheney In Leadership Role After Impeachment Vote

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Imagine if a Democrat Congressman went against Barack Obama. You’d have to think Pelosi and her ilk would’ve ostracized that person immediately.

The same cannot be said about Liz Cheney and the GOP.

Even though the Representative from Wyoming voted to impeach President Trump, she gets a pass from her peers.

From Fox News:

Embattled GOP Rep. Liz Cheney didnt apologize for her vote three weeks ago to impeach President Trump.

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And in the end, she didn’t need to.



For some absolutely wild reason, Democrat strategist Greg Pinelo believes Cheney is a 2024 frontrunner.

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What makes these people think Cheney would earn a single vote from 75 million-plus Trump voters if she’s set to vote to impeach POTUS?

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