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15-Year-Old Alleged Illegal Immigrant Smuggler Leads Troopers on High-Speed Chase

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Under Joe Biden’s failed presidency, the United States has devolved into a dumping ground for unvetted armies of illegal aliens whose omnipresence drains public resources and threatens American lives.

In the latest debacle, police said a 15-year-old boy led Texas troopers on a harrowing high-speed car chase that topped speeds of 140 miles an hour while smuggling five illegal aliens in his vehicle.

Lt. Chris Olivarez of the Texas Department of Public Safety posted a video of the terrifying Nov. 7 car chase on the social media platform X.

“TxDPS pursued a 15-year-old smuggler on US 281 #RGV after allowing multiple illegal immigrants to bail out and flee,” he wrote.

After blowing through a U.S. Border Patrol Inspection Station, the car eventually stopped after troopers used a tire deflation device.

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“The teen from Palmview was arrested & charged with/ evading & human smuggling,” Olivarez wrote. “5 illegal immigrants were apprehended & referred to US Border Patrol.”

Fortunately, no one died during this dangerous car chase.

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However, high-speed pursuits of illegal aliens and human traffickers can and do cause the deaths of innocent bystanders, state troopers or the migrants themselves.

There has been a string of similar high-speed chases and fatal crashes involving migrants being smuggled into Texas, where such pursuits are routine.

Just last week, eight people died when a suspected smuggler crashed head-on into an SUV while trying to evade law enforcement.

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Biden’s border crisis has become so catastrophic that even the left-wing New York Times reported on the crash.

David Stout, a county commissioner in El Paso, told the Associated Press there have been about 500 high-speed car chases involving illegal aliens in his county alone this year.

Of those 500 pursuits, more than half exceeded speeds of 100 miles an hour, he said.

This dangerous activity threatens public safety. Imagine a family riding home after watching a movie one evening, only to be killed after a car smuggling migrants crashes into them.

Keep in mind that these car chases don’t just happen on highways. They also occur on neighborhood streets where children play.

Under Bidenโ€™s disastrous presidency, deadly narcotics and unvetted armies of criminal illegal aliens — including many suspected terrorists — are flooding the country because our borders are not secure.

A relentless barrage of migrants is accelerating the collapse of the United States by draining public resources, compromising national security and endangering public safety.

We shouldnโ€™t have to live like this.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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