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18 Republican Turncoats Kill Bill That Banned Pentagon's Drag Show Funding - Here Are Their Names

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In an increasingly dangerous world, one thing that most Americans should be able to agree upon is that we need a strong military.

Unfortunately, under the Biden administration, instead of focusing on winning battles, the military has been preoccupied with pushing leftist talking points and agendas — such as the LGBT ideology.

So naturally, a rallying cry among conservatives in the past two years has been to get the military back on track and in shape to defend the nation against hostile forces.

That’s why Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas proposed an amendment to the House spending bill that would strip federal funding from drag shows and “pride” events at the Department of Defense.

Roy has been fighting against woke ideology in the military for a while now. In March, he and nine other members of Congress filed a motion to remove funding for LGBT events from the Department of Defense Appropriations Act.

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“The Pentagon should be MORE focused on maintaining military readiness (like shoring up our intel) than hosting drag queen events and indoctrinating troops,” his office wrote on X, then Twitter, at the time.

Unfortunately, despite the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, his latest amendment was defeated by a margin of 231-202 on Wednesday.

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Unsurprisingly, all 213 House Democrats voted against the amendment, but they were joined by 18 House Republicans who defected to join their liberal colleagues.

Thanks to these 18 spineless Republicans, a common-sense amendment was killed on the House floor.

If you want to know exactly who these 18 Republicans were, here are their names.

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The fact that these Republicans voted against this measure is disappointing, but also not very surprising, given the sad state of the GOP and the conservative movement in America more broadly.

This by itself is frustrating, but it becomes even more worrisome when you consider the current state of the world right now and the pressing need for a strong military.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, combined with China’s increasingly aggressive attitude towards Taiwan, means that we are closer to getting involved in a major war than we have been in a long time.

Russia and China have no respect for a military like ours that is seemingly more concerned with leftist ideology than with fighting our enemies, so naturally, they feel confident that they can get away with making these aggressive moves.

Passing this amendment would have been a good first step to fixing the problems in our military, but unfortunately, it seems that some Republicans still need convincing.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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