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60,000 North Carolina 'Voters' Are Dead, Registered in Another State, or Are Registered Twice: Report

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Election officials in North Carolina have a massive problem with their voting rolls after a report found that more than 60,000 citizens are still registered to vote even though they have died, moved out of state, or are registered in more than one precinct.

This is a dire situation ripe for vote fraud.

As the midterm elections loom over the nation, some states are taking stock of their voting rolls to prepare both for their primaries and the general election. One of those states is North Carolina, where major problems with the voter registration system have been revealed by a nonprofit legal group, according to Just the News.

Federal law demands that each state take reasonable steps to remove ineligible, inactive, or fraudulent voter registrations from voter rolls, but some states take the task more seriously than others.

Last week, the Public Interest Legal Foundation reported the results of its review of North Carolina’s registration rolls and found that 7,933 of North Carolina’s 7.2 million registered voters who died in 2020 are still registered to vote.

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That isn’t North Carolina’s only registration problem. The group also discovered that 42,984 voters on the rolls have either moved out of the state and are no longer eligible to vote in North Carolina, or moved out and have re-registered in North Carolina despite their residency status.

The group added that North Carolina voting laws maintain that a former citizen who left the state, and then voted elsewhere, is automatically disqualified to vote in North Carolina.

Unfortunately, the Tar Heel State also has not signed on with any voter information sharing exchanges with other states, so the state lacks a clear-cut system of culling voters who moved away and voted elsewhere.

There is more. PILF also found that 13,535 North Carolina voters are registered in more than one state precinct, according to its report.

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Some are registered twice under different variations of their name, but 60 percent of those double registrations are using all the exact same information, names, ages, addresses, and all, according to the report.

Some duplicate registration problems include maiden name changes, spelling errors, and incorrect punctuation.

The group noted that one source of the errors are voter registration drives, during which activists fan out and cajole people to fill out registration forms. Many apparently fill these out even though they are already registered.

“North Carolina officials need to use the time they still have to prepare voter rolls for the midterm elections,” foundation President J. Christian Adams said, according to Just the News. “Time is running out. Silly, obvious errors in the voter roll can create opportunities for voter fraud and chaos in a close election. Correcting deceased and duplicate records now will help to preemptively address those risks.”

Unfortunately, these problems in North Carolina are all too common throughout the nation.

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Experts and state officials have been warning for years that the country’s voting rolls are a mess and need to be corrected.

To name just a few examples, in January of 2019, The Washington Times found that Pennsylvania had more than 11,000 residents who are not legal citizens yet were registered to vote there.

That same year, a judge in Wisconsin ruled that 234,000 names had to be taken off the voter rolls because they were ineligible to vote for various reasons, including that they had moved out of state.

Also, in 2019, Los Angeles County was forced to eliminate a whopping 1.5 million voter registrations from its system after it was sued by government watchdog Judicial Watch.

Finally, this year, Texas recently found about 10,000 non-citizens had been registered to vote in the Lone Star State.

Liberals, such as the far-left Brennan Center, often scoff at these problems and say that despite the mess, very few illegal votes are cast stemming from the lack of verified voter rolls.

But in elections that can come down to hundreds of votes or fewer separating the winners from the losers, it makes sense to eliminate every avenue of voter fraud open to cheaters.

Besides, why does the left spend so much time “debunking” the issue if voter fraud is so “rare”? What could correcting our voter rolls hurt?

Perhaps they protest too much, as the old saying goes.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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