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9 In 10 Households May Qualify for $1200 Coronavirus Stimulus Relief Checks: All the Details

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According to the TaxPolicyCenter, as many as nine in 10 households might be eligible to receive coronavirus stimulus relief checks. They will either come via direct deposit from the IRS, or a physical check will be sent in the mail – very soon.

At this point, most people understand that they’ll get some cash if they earned under $75,000 in 2018 – $1,200 per person plus an additional $500 per child.

But here are some more key details.

From CNet:

In addition to the payments for individuals who meet the requirements, the new economic stimulus law includes help for people who are unemployed or owe student loans and financial support for small businesses and their employees.

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-If you’re a single US resident and have an adjusted gross income less than $99,000
-If you file as the head of a household and earn under $146,500
-If you file jointly without children and earn less than $198,000


If you don’t have direct deposit set up but want to receive the payment electronically, the federal government will create an online system that will let you set up electronic payments so you get the money deposited directly into a bank account, according to US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin.

The online portion will be available in the coming days. Check it out at this link.

And here’s more COVID-19 randomness, via Twitter…

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