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A Very Late Pizza Delivery Turns Into an Amazing Act of Kindness for Two Georgia Women

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There’s nothing more frustrating than when a pizza delivery is late. But for Jennifer West of Atlanta, Georgia, to wait 90 minutes for pizzas to be delivered for her daughter’s birthday party was definitely a huge drag. She never imagined, however, it would eventually turn into an amazing display of love and support for someone struggling to get by.
“What was supposed to be a 40-50 minute delivery, took over an hour and a half without any type of communication,” she recounted on Facebook. “When the pizzas finally arrived, the delivery driver (Pam) was very apologetic, especially knowing how disgruntled I was. She felt so bad, that she spoke with her manager, who spoke with the GM, and they credited all three pizza’s back to us.”
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A few weeks after her daughter’s birthday party, West had ordered pizzas again and the same delivery driver, a woman named Pam, arrived once again at her door.

“She remembered us and asked us how we were doing,” West wrote in her post. “She apologized again for last time and said how bad she felt about our order. She thanked me for the generous tip. I only tipped $6. But, she said that she has been making $80-$90 deliveries and people have only been giving $2-$3.”

It’s then that West reveals that Pam began to break down in tears and share that she had been trying to save up to buy a new tire for her car.

“The tire tread on her car was completely worn down. She asked if I knew of anyone who needed their house cleaned, because she needs to save up more money for the tire, especially for work,” West explained. “She also has two granddaughters (two-years-old & almost one) that she hasn’t been able to start Christmas shopping for, because she needs to use the money for the tire.”

West went on to describe the deep burden she felt to help Pam out in any way she could: “I have felt to help her has been placed on my heart. So, this year instead of asking for material things, that I do not really need, I have asked to help this sweet woman out.”

West and her family planned to surprise Pam with a new back tire and a few gifts for her grandchildren, but she also took to Facebook to offer others the opportunity to be a blessing.

What happened next absolutely shocked West as pieces began to fall together to help Pam.

Several friends, family members, and even total strangers made up a deluge of loving charity and amassed hundreds of dollars in gift cards, several Christmas gifts, and a whole set of tires for Pam.

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West also made calls to Papa John’s corporate office and made them aware of Pam’s situation. As it turns out, there is an assistance fund for Papa John’s employees experiencing financial hardship, so Pam will also receive help from her employer.

All of these incredible gifts, however, hadn’t actually been given to Pam yet. West, along with Pam’s manager and the proprietors of NTB, a local auto repair shop, conspired to surprise Pam with the whole bundle and record her reaction, which can be seen about 40 minutes into the video below.

“God is so good!” Pam said in a statement to a local news outlet on the scene.

“We wanted to come alongside you during this season to help ease your burdens and to just lift you up and tell you that you are loved…” West said to Pam, who was wiping away tears. “We love you, we’re here for you.”
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