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Flag & Cross: a concise summary of what we hold dear. We love America. And we love God.

We love what this nation stands for: freedom, justice, opportunity, creativity, hope. And we believe our greatness emanates from the Creator’s blessing on a people that put Him at the center of our nation. We confess and repent of our mistakes and failures, while at the same time refusing to apologize for our exceptionalism.

Our site is dedicated to the millions of Americans who want to live in a freer nation: a country that regulates less, taxes less, protects all its people regardless of race or religion or sex, guards its borders, supports its military, defends the second amendment, and is vocally pro-life. And if you don’t agree with our worldview, we invite you to pause for a few minutes and consider what we have to say. And then share your thoughts in the comments sections found on most pages in this website, so we can consider what you have to say.

Maybe, just maybe, we can build a fruitful dialogue with one another.

There is room in a free America for many views. But no matter what, despite our differences, we need to be considerate of one another first. Quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger.

Flag & Cross is a news-driven opinion site that delivers commentary, informed by a right-leaning worldview, to like-minded Americans.

Daily you’ll find views on the news from conservative/libertarian, free market, pro-faith, and pro-family perspectives.

As Americans (and indeed, readers around the world) continue to lose trust in traditional mainstream newspapers and broadcast networks whose claims of objectivity and impartiality are continuing to prove false, Flag & Cross fills the gap as a source of informed opinion for those who also seek a conservative perspective.

Flag & Cross is committed to our core principles: Seek Truth, Question Tyranny, Encourage Open Dialogue. Through accurate, insightful reporting of information and events happening around the world and providing accompanying conservative commentary, Flag & Cross provides an alternative to the rapidly shifting media landscape.

FlagandCross.com is self-funded by the ads on this website and, as of May 1, 2023, is owned by Liftable Media, Inc.

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