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Accused Sexual Assaulter Chris Cuomo says Trump Supporters are 'Not Good People'

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Well it takes one to know one, as they say.

Chris Cuomo, CNN primetime anchor and a man accused of sexually groping his former boss in 2005, has now taken a pot-shot at the entirety of the MAGA-verse, in a tone deaf rant on his television program.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said Monday during the opening of his show “Cuomo Prime Time” that Republicans were “all-in” on former President Donald Trump’s claims he won the 2020 election.

Cuomo said, “We’ve never seen one party in this damnable two-party system that we insist on go all-in on a lie. So half of your political system is invested in a lie. That’s happening. It’s not just Trump. The whole party practically backs actively or passively, selling that the election was not legitimate.”

And then…

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On Democrats’ objection to elections, Cuomo said, “Questioning is different than finding no proof and then lying and refusing to certify. That’s what Trump and Co. did. There are not good people on both sides of this argument. And I will be dammed if I sit by and don’t say this as plainly as possible because this will be remembered. There are not good people on both sides. This is not a good faith dispute. It is bad faith. They know the election was not rigged. They know it was legitimate. Anyone telling you with full knowledge that they have no proof and yet the election wasn’t legit is part of an effort that may lead us to an all-time low.”

Once again, the network has proved that their editorial programming is little more than a series of purposefully-inflammatory rhetoric meant to sell commercials.

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