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Actor Hospitalized Filming Movie That Sounds Suspiciously Like 'Olympus Has Fallen'

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Actor Anthony Anderson suffered a big injury scare while filming an upcoming action movie, and shared his hospital visit on social media.

Anderson, best known for his roles in “Black-ish” and “Law & Order,” has an unnamed role in upcoming action movie “G20” (yes, it’s named after the real-world international gathering) and a fight scene apparently went completely awry thanks to an inanimate object.


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A post shared by Anthony Anderson (@anthonyanderson)

“I spent the night in the emergency room,” Anderson posted to Instagram on Thursday. “Movie set fight gone wrong. Me against two goons and a chair! Guess who didn’t win! Who needs a stuntman? Me that’s who!

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“I’m not as young as I used to be! CT scan and X-rays showed nothing fractured or broken in my back just a deep contusion.

“That chair will never be the same though! Bloodied and bowed but never broken!”

In a separate post, Anderson revealed the dastardly culprit:

WARNING: The following post contains language that some viewers may find offensive.


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A post shared by Anthony Anderson (@anthonyanderson)

“This is the chair that whooped my a** last night!” Anderson posted. “Something about it is menacing! It sucker punched me in the kidneys and back with no mercy!

“When I got on set today it was grinning at me! Little does he know I got something for that a**! He gone learn today!”

In yet another follow-up post, Anderson wrote on Instagram: “When I got on set today these a** holders were being a**holes and talking s*** about my hospital stay. Needless to say I whooped some a** today!

“I didn’t need a stuntman for that!”

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As to the movie that was the apparent source of Anderson’s feud with furniture, “G20” appears to be borrowing a number of elements — of all movies — from films like “White House Down” and “Olympus Has Fallen.”

Those movies featured terrorists compromising a typically safe haven, and leaving the President of the United States under significant duress.

One key difference from the aforementioned inspirations and “G20”?

Does "G20" sound like a movie you’d be interested in seeing?

While “White House Down” and “Olympus Has Fallen” feature a rogue hero saving the president’s skin, “G20” has the president (a black female president portrayed by actress Viola Davis) saving her own skin.

IMDb offers the following movie summary: “Terrorists take over the G20 summit with US President Taylor Sutton, bringing her governing and military experience to defend her family, company, and the world.”

The movie’s production was impacted by the various strikes that rocked Hollywood in 2023, and only just began production.

“G20,” which is being made with Amazon Studios behind it, does not currently have a release date.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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