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Trump Right Again: Predicted in 2020 Stock Market Would Tank Under Biden
The stock market soared 40 percent higher after Trump was elected until he left office. Read more…
Op-Ed: Leftists Piled on Black NFL Legend as 'Racist,' So He Hit Them with the Perfect Response
Society is only as strong as its foundational unit: the family. Read more…
GOP Rep. Exposes How Formula Bill Does 'Nothing to Put More Formula on the Shelves'
'It just did more to hire more bureaucrats and create more of a power structure here in Washington.' Read more…
Stunning Poll Shows Support for Biden Impeachment After Midterms
Well...whatcha think about them apples...? Read more…
New NBC Report Offers Powerful Evidence Biden Lied About Hunter and China During Trump Debate - Here's the Video
According to the report, Hunter did receive massive payments from China - contrary to the campaign claims of his father. Read more…
Foreign Leader Slams Nancy Pelosi's Involvement in Dispute as 'Entirely Unhelpful'
'Nancy Pelosi’s comments will only lead to a hardening of positions rather than easing a pathway to solutions.'
Read more…
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