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Matt Gaetz Humiliates CNN Anchor by Fact-Checking Her on Live TV
At CNN, maybe all conservatives look alike. U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz has made himself one of the most visible of House Republicans lately -- an outspoken opponent of Speaker Kevin McCarthy and one of the most high-profile opponents of President Joe Biden's administration and its minions. But as CNN anchor... Read more…
‘Yellowstone’ Premiere Does the Impossible 5 Years After Its Debut
Five years after its television debut, the hit series "Yellowstone" returned to the small screen this past weekend. The pilot, which originally aired on Paramount Network in June 2018, started its second broadcast run on CBS with 6.6 million viewers tuning into the first episode on Sept. 17, according to... Read more…
Video: Subject of Hit Piece Turns Tables on WaPo Reporter in Real Time
Everybody wants to get on the cancel-culture bandwagon -- even food critics. Dave Portnoy is no stranger to attacks by vengeful critics, and he's not one to take them lying down. Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, is renowned for creating One Bite Pizza Reviews, a platform where he samples... Read more…
NYT Columnist Complains About Price of Meal, Restaurant Then Reveals the Truth
A couple of years ago, in an infamous column published as then-President Donald Trump was facing impeachment, the insufferable David Brooks of The New York Times invented "Flyover Man," a symbolic character meant to represent heartland America's Trump voters. In the column, "Flyover Man" had a dialogue with "Urban Guy,"... Read more…
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