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Dems In A Fury Over Trump’s Free Holster Giveaway
Sponsored by Conservativens
Can you believe it? They’re trying to cancel it for “inciting violence” Read more…
Buffalo 911 Dispatcher Suspended After 'Crazy' Action During Shooting
A disciplinary hearing is set to happen 'within a couple of weeks.' Read more…
Ep. 260: Confirmed: Buffalo Suspect Not Conservative, Despised Fox News, Gutfeld, Shapiro
The media wants to paint the Buffalo suspect as a conservative, but his manifesto proves he is an atheist who hates conservatism. Read more…
UNIMPEACHED: Rep. Introduces Bill to Expunge Trump’s 2nd Impeachment
Will Trump rack up another wild historical footnote? Read more…
House Dem Witness: Yes, Men Can Become Pregnant, Have Abortions
This woman's responses, ludicrous as they are, are now considered reasonable within the Democratic Party. Read more…
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