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Mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’ Strikes US Embassy Ahead of Blinken Visit
Posted by Andrew West
This is getting out of hand. Read more…
A Bisexual Superman?: Dean Cain Has A Lot To Say
Posted by Randy DeSoto, The Western Journal
'If they had done this 20 years ago, perhaps that would have been bold and brave,' Cain said. Read more…
Health Care Worker Gives Midnight Concert at Hospital After Stressful Day, Onlookers Stunned
Posted by Amanda Thomason, The Western Journal
Imagine being exhausted at work and then hearing this. Read more…
Psaki Could Find Herself in Hot Water After Potentially Breaking Federal Law
Posted by Grant Atkinson, The Western Journal
Democrats in politics can get away with almost anything. Read more…
This Key Biden Offical Was Nowhere to Be Seen at White House Event Honoring 491 Fallen Officers
Posted by C. Douglas Golden, The Western Journal
When you have key officials missing from memorials, what message are you sending to victims' families?
Read more…
New AOC Congressional Challenger Is Left's Ultimate Nightmare: Leaves Establishment Dems Scrambling
Posted by Isa Cox, The Western Journal
AOC has just met her perfect match. Read more…
Mom Says Her Son Got COVID Vaccine, Then Disaster Struck
Posted by Grant Atkinson, The Western Journal
It's important to weigh all the pros and cons if you are considering getting your child vaccinated. Read more…
Obama-Appointed Judge Ignores DOJ, Jails Jan. 6 Defendants
Posted by Joe Saunders, The Western Journal
The judge said that there must be 'consequences' for the incursion.
Read more…
AZ Sheriff Shares Frightening Message About Drugs at the Southern Border
Posted by Dillon Burroughs, The Western Journal
The sheriff declared the 'war on drugs is back,' blaming the open border for allowing the large flow of illegal substances into the US. Read more…
FBI Legend Points to Key Moment in Laundrie-Petito Timeline That Everyone Missed
Posted by Jack Davis, The Western Journal
According to the expert, this encounter happened within a day or two of her murder. Read more…
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