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NeverTrumper Blasted for Blaming MAGA Movement for Buffalo Shooting - Before the Blood Was Even Dry
Posted by Joe Saunders, The Western Journal
Too many establishment 'conservatives' have never forgiven Trump for winning the presidency. Read more…
Mom and Young Kids Help Elderly Neighbor with Dementia Get Home, But Then Her Dog Attacks Them
Posted by Amanda Thomason, The Western Journal
'There's no telling what provoked him. I literally still have no idea.'
Read more…
TRUMP GOES OFF: Obliterates Elon Musk Over Twitter Purchase Drama
Posted by Andrew West
Musk just got TORCHED. Read more…
Trump Releases Bold Prediction About Future of Elon Musk's Twitter Deal
Posted by Joe Saunders, The Western Journal
That's definitely a bold prediction.
Read more…
VIDEO: Triangular UFO Over Ontario has Onlookers Spooked
Posted by Andrew West
This is just plain CREEPY. Read more…
Celebration Turn to Panic as Shooting Breaks Out at High School Graduation Ceremony
Posted by Jack Davis, The Western Journal
Police have taken a suspect into custody. Read more…
Hollywood Star's Fans, Others Turn on Her Over 'Cruel' Baby Formula Comment
Posted by Jack Davis, The Western Journal
'Please- we all love you, but delete this now,' one person tweeted. Read more…
Internal DOD Bickering Could Keep UFO Secrets Hidden
Posted by Andrew West
The secretive nature of one group within the Pentagon is particularly troubling. Read more…
Biden Disinformation Board Suffers Brutal Fate: Report
Posted by Andrew Jose, The Western Journal
'It's a cause of momentary celebration that the Department of Homeland Security was forced by popular anger to "pause" its Disinformation Board.'
Read more…
Melania Trump Breaks Her Long Public Silence for a Very Good Reason
Posted by Jack Davis, The Western Journal
'It's sad to see what's going on if you really look deeply into it.' Read more…
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