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EV Bricked After Update Reportedly Fails, Owner Sees Shocking Message on the Screen
Posted by Warner Todd Huston, Western Journal
An electric vehicle owner was shocked when he jumped into his car only to find that a failed software update had turned off the vehicle completely, leaving a message on his screen telling him the car could no longer be driven without first being towed to a dealer for service.... Read more…
Watch: Sanctuary City Mayor Cries Foul Over Illegals, Begs Biden for Cash
Posted by Jack Davis, Western Journal
The Democratic mayor of Denver said the onslaught of illegal immigrants into his city could mean service cuts in every part of city government. Amid media coverage of leaders in Chicago and New York City saying the influx of illegal immigrants has devastated their cities, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston. during... Read more…
Terror: Ice Sheet Breaks Away in US Lake, Taking Over 100 People With It
Posted by C. Douglas Golden, Western Journal
In a potentially terrifying lesson about the need for civilians to listen to warnings about weather conditions, over 100 fishermen are safe thanks to the quick actions of first responders in Minnesota after a sheet of ice broke loose on a lake. According to the CBS News, the incident occurred... Read more…
Prominent Democrat Goes on CNN, Makes Wild Claim About Trump Attempt to ‘Overturn’ 2024 Election
Posted by C. Douglas Golden, Western Journal
Just in case you were wondering, Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin is still hyperventilating over the events of Jan. 6, 2021. Raskin, as you may remember, was the impeachment manager -- akin to a prosecutor -- during former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial. He still claims, despite no conviction... Read more…
Mom Suffers Unthinkable Outcome After Routine Surgery
Posted by Ben Kew, Western Journal
One mother in Kentucky says she is thankful to be alive after ending up as a quadruple amputee following a routine surgery. Cindy Mullins, 41, told WLEX-TV in Lexington she was the victim of the "perfect storm" after being diagnosed with a kidney stone a few weeks ago. The condition... Read more…
Chasing Alleged Gun Thief Lands Employees in Hot Water Before Christmas: Report
Posted by Johnathan Jones, Western Journal
Three Academy Sports + Outdoors employees were fired by the company after a man ran out of their Louisiana store with a firearm, and they pursued him outside in an attempt to help police recover the gun. The employees were each accused of breaking the company’s policy of chasing after... Read more…
Cops Get Slushies and Go for a Drive, What They Do Next Lands Them in Serious Trouble
Posted by Johnathan Jones, Western Journal
Two Kentucky cops who spent a year on duty throwing soft drinks at innocent people from their unmarked cars while in uniform were sentenced to spend time in federal prison just over a year ago. This past week, the videos they took of their actions were finally released and they... Read more…
Illegal Alien Arrested for Allegedly Raping Unconscious Teen
Posted by Richard Moorhead, Western Journal
An illegal immigrant has been charged with the rape of an unconscious 15-year-old girl. Hamilton County, Tennessee, sheriff's deputies arrested Erik Santillan on Dec. 10, according to WTVC-TV in Chattanooga. The 21-year-old was identified as an illegal immigrant from Mexico. The victim told police she drank alcohol with the accused at a... Read more…
Red Alert: Iranian Destroyer Deployed to Critical Choke Loint
Posted by Rachel M. Emmanuel, Western Journal
As Israel's war against the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hamas continues, other Iranian proxies have made their presence felt with attacks in the Middle East. Since the massive Hamas attack on Israel Oct. 7 sparked the war between Israel and the Islamist group that rules Gaza, Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen... Read more…
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