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Afghan President Cheers Trump for Getting Al-Baghdadi, Argues He Was More Important Than Osama

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During President Trump’s visit to Afghanistan on Thanksgiving day, the president of the country said some things that the liberal media won’t be so impressed with.

Then again, when it comes to anything positive involving America, the MSM doesn’t really care. Such is life.

Ashraf Ghani noted, “Hamza bin Laden was a big thing, but this is the biggest there is. This is the worst ever.

He added, “Osama bin Laden was very big, but Osama bin Laden became big with the World Trade Center. This is a man who built a whole, as he would like to call it, “a country,” a caliphate, and was trying to do it again.

He continued, “And I had not heard too much about his health. I’ve heard stories about he may not have been in good health. But he died a — he died in a ruthless, vicious manner. That, I can tell you.

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U.S. Central Command released multiple videos of the raid on Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s compound and they are pretty cool to watch.

Just goes to show that America’s military is not to be messed with.

From Daily Wire:

U.S. Central Command released details, images, and videos on Wednesday of Saturday’s raid in northern Syria that resulted in the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.


“Air Strike Clip

Close air aviation engages fighters who demonstrated hostile intent against U.S. forces during infiltration of the assault force.”

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“…at the compound, fighters from two locations in the vicinity of the compound began firing on U.S. aircraft participating in the assault.”
– Gen Frank McKenzie CDR USCENTCOM


U.S. Central Command releases the following footage of the ISIS raid:

“Compound Strike

Upon exfiltration of the target compound, U.S. forces employ precision munitions from a U.S. Remotely Piloted Aircraft to destroy the compound and its contents”



“Compound Strike 2

U.S. forces employ precision munitions to destroy the compound and its contents”

And one more:

“Burning Compound

Remotely Piloted Aircraft footage of the effects of precision munitions destroying the compound”

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