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After More Than 50 COVID-19 Press Conferences, Fed-Up Trump Implies He Won't Do More

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On Saturday, President Trump appeared to imply that he’s done with White House press conferences on COVID-19. It’s not that he doesn’t want to do them, though.

It’s just that he knows the media still isn’t giving him a chance or reporting the facts accurately, so why waste the time?

From Breitbart:

President Donald Trump did not hold a daily press conference Saturday, expressing his frustration with the process.

The White House has held at least 50 press conferences with the Coronavirus Task Force in the past two months, according to the White House Youtube channel.

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More Trump, from Saturday:

From Daily Wire:

President Donald Trump played a video during the White House Coronavirus Press Briefing on Monday that showed the media’s initial response to the coronavirus outbreak and highlighted his response to the outbreak and showed Democratic governors around the country praising the Trump administration for the work they did.


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CNN cut away from the press conference shortly after the video started playing and MSNBC followed suit several moments later.

Here’s the video Trump played…

And here’s the cut away from the liberal outlets…

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