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After Rejecting Ben Shapiro's Debate Offer as "Catcalling", Ocasio-Cortez is Challenged By Conservative Women

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What’s her excuse going to be this time?

Last week, socialist darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had the right in stitches when she refused to acknowledge Ben Shapiro’s invitation to a debate, comparing it to “catcalling.”

This was, of course, absolutely preposterous and offensive to anyone who’s ever been made to feel uncomfortable by catcalling.

Catcalling is the rude act of loudly commenting on a woman’s appearance as she walks down the street, reducing her to nothing more than her outward appearance, and reducing the catcaller’s regard for her as nothing more than physical.

It is one of those rare things that feminists complain about that is in fact disrespectful to women.

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To compare this to inviting a woman to an intellectual debate is absolutely abhorrent. Nothing could speak more highly of a man’s respect and regard for a woman as an equal than his invitation to debate highly-contested political issues.

That is, in fact, Ocasio-Cortez was well aware Ben Shaprio would absolutely destroy her, since he is clearly vastly more informed than she is.

But since Ocasio-Cortez is a feminist identity politician who can’t see past her gender or anyone else’s, two conservative women have posed an offer, woman-to-woman.

If they won’t debate Shaprio, why not debate them?

The first was Townhall editor-in-chief Katie Pavlich, who, as a powerful, successful, and intelligent woman, couldn’t possibly be someone Ocasio-Cortez would turn down, right?

Then came conservative darling Candace Owens, a former leftist herself, who doubled Shapiro’s offer:

No word yet on whether or not Ocasio-Cortez has found some other excuse for not debating these ladies.

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