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Airline Traveler Catches $1,800 Fine for Undeclared McMuffins

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When it comes to airport contraband, there are a few items that everyone understands to be a universal “no no” for travel.  Dangerous things like guns, fireworks, and shampoo bottles that are large than 3 ounces in size.

But there are other items that are also verboten, particularly as it pertains to international travel; things like animals, plants, seeds, and certain other organic items.

And, as it turns out, you can also catch a hefty fine for McDonald’s breakfast foods as well.

An Australian airport fined a traveler 2,664 Australian dollars, or $1,874, after authorities found McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches in their luggage, CNN reported on Monday, citing a press release from Australia’s minister for agriculture, fisheries, and forestry.

Australian authorities did not respond to a request for comment from Insider made outside of local working hours ahead of publication.

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The press release — also cited in local news reports — said a biosecurity-detector dog at Darwin International Airport last week identified two egg-and-sausage McMuffins and a ham croissant in the luggage of a passenger on a trip from Bali. The agriculture minister, Murray Watt, said the food was confiscated, inspected, and destroyed.

The reason for the harsh fine was an outbreak of disease.

In late July, Australian authorities tightened security measures to address an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease in Bali.

Australian authorities have said the virus can be carried on people’s clothing and in foods. The disease does not affect people but would pose a risk to livestock including cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs.

CNN’s report mentioned that experts have estimated that an outbreak in Australia could cost its economy $80 billion. On July 22, the nation instituted a penalty for travelers who fail to declare dairy and meat products.

Australia has spent nearly $10 million on biosecurity upgrades at the nation’s airports in an effort to combat the outbreak.

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