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Airports Begin to Show Signs of Distress Due to Shutdown

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With the American ruling class democrats out vacationing, ignoring Donald Trump’s pleas to return and work out a deal on the government shutdown, the nation’s infrastructure is beginning to stress.

There are nearly one million federal workers who are currently expected to be working without pay right now, with many of these folks drawing their first net-zeropaycheck just yesterday.  The situation is so dire that TSA agents are calling out of work in record numbers and protesters are gathering outside of the White House. 

Now, amid the anger and the action, the nation’s airports are beginning to strain.

Facing double the usual number of absences among unpaid TSA screeners, the Miami airport will close one of its concourses most of Saturday, Sunday and Monday to make sure TSA can adequately staff the remaining security checkpoints.

Meanwhile, the national union representing air traffic controllers — who are also working without pay during the shutdown, entering its 22nd day Saturday — sued the government, claiming they are illegally being denied pay.

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And aviation-safety inspectors are still off the job, deemed not to be essential enough to keep working during the shutdown.

Should the shutdown last much longer, a vast majority of these furloughed federal employees will lose hope and simply refuse to work without pay, further compounding the already frustrating issue at hand.


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