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Alabama School District Bans Prayer Before Football Games. Community Response is Awesome.

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The Blount County School District in Oneonta, Alabama has announced that they are doing away with volunteer-led prayer over the loudspeaker before the start of local football games.

Rodney Green, the superintendent of the district, said the decision came about after radical atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation issued a complaint about the prayer being the same thing as the government choosing an established religion.

What are they doing instead of prayer? A moment of silence.

However, much to the chagrin of the FFRF, the local community isn’t having it.

Christian residents and supporters of pre-game prayer rallied and banded together with a T-shirt campaign as well as a group recitation of the Lord’s Prayer before the kickoff.

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Gregg Armstrong, one parent organizer, promised that he would gather with other Christians to say the Lord’s Prayer during the pre-game, non-denominational moment of silence.

“We are not doing this by any way to be negative or anything like that,” Armstrong told WBMA-TV.

“We are just doing this with love and doing what we feel like God has called us to do,” he added. “I believe if you have 1,000 people in those bleachers saying the Lord’s Prayer vocally, not over a PA system, that is probably going to be a little bit more moving than just one person praying.”

In addition to gathering for prayer, local churches got together to create T-shirts for the prayer warriors that read “We Believe,” and have the Lord’s Prayer scrawled on the shirt’s back, according to

The FFRF is fairly ignorant when it comes to the actual meaning of the First Amendment. The original intent of the First Amendment was not to separate Christianity from the government. It was to prevent the federal government from having one established denomination.

If you look at early state constitutions, many states actually did have an official religion and it was always Christian. Many had an established church too. And the federal government did not believe doing so violated the First Amendment.

These folks would know that if they actually studied history and weren’t all consumed with forcing the world to adopt their radical atheistic worldview.

Source: TheBlaze

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