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Alarming Video Shows US Soldier Letting Large Group of Illegals Onto Private Property

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As the crisis at the southern border worsens, a disturbing new video has emerged clearly showing the callous indifference of the administration toward this very serious situation.

Last week, President Joe Biden allowed the Title 42 immigration restrictions to expire, which naturally resulted in a surge of migrants eager to take advantage of the opportunity to cross the border and enter the country illegally.

As cities and states along the border continue to grapple with the surge, the Biden administration has been completely silent and seemingly unconcerned about what is turning into a dire situation.

Now, a new video from Texas is showing just how little the federal government cares about enforcing the laws.

The video from Eagle Point, Texas, showed a soldier appearing to open a gate to a private plot of land, allowing the migrants to cross illegally onto the property, while a border patrol boat watches from the river. A bus then arrives to pick the migrants up.

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Journalist Bill Melugin, who found the video, later confirmed that the soldier was from the Missouri national guard under orders from the federal government, who was assisting border patrol.

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There are a number of things in this video that are really alarming. First is the fact that it was a soldier under orders from the federal government that opened the gate to allow the migrants in.

The border patrol boat on the river and the bus that came to pick them up only further proves that this was coordinated and planned by the people who are supposed to protect the border.

This is not to slam the men and women who serve in the national guard or the border patrol, most of them probably want to keep the border secure. But they are under the control of the federal government, which is telling them to let these people in.

Meanwhile, a video of Biden’s response to the situation has emerged. When asked about the crisis at the border, he said things were “better” than expected and said he had no plans to visit the border.

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So we have a president who seems completely indifferent to the very serious problems at the southern border, and a federal government that is apparently telling border patrol to just fling the gates wide open.

This really is just a recipe for disaster.

Given this complete lack of concern for the rule of law, it is no wonder that there are GOP leaders who are calling for high-ranking Biden administration officials to face serious consequences for the disaster.

The Biden administration has completely failed to keep America’s border secure, and the crisis is only getting worse.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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