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Alert: Biden Admin Quietly Enacted Sick Plan to Turn Every American Town Into a Sanctuary City

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The Biden administration has severe self-destructive tendencies.

On Oct. 27, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas quietly issued “a new, comprehensive policy to guide Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enforcement actions in or near protected areas, replacing previous sensitive locations guidance,” according to the Department of Homeland Security’s website.

In doing so, the Biden administration has effectively turned every community in the U.S. into a sanctuary city.

Federal law enforcement officers cannot arrest criminal aliens near  — the operative word is “near” —  schools, playgrounds, recreation centers, places of worship, pharmacies and other places that offer vaccinations, community-based organizations, places that host weddings, school bus stops or a myriad of other places that are common in communities across the country, according to The Federalist.

To make matters worse, Mayorkas acknowledged that “near” has “no bright-line definition.”

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The policy, just in case anybody hasn’t got the message yet, makes it clear that illegal aliens are a protected species.

The rights of law-abiding American citizens, on the other hand, are becoming an endangered species.

The Center for Immigration Studies published a map of Washington, D.C., impacted by the policy. The sanctuary for criminals far outstrips the areas that the same criminals could be apprehended. In fact, with a couple of exceptions, one being the area near the White House, a wanted alien could navigate the entire area without fear of being arrested.

But it doesn’t stop there. When all else fails, all a criminal alien would need to do is cite the rosary to shake off those pesky federal law enforcement officers.

Is the Biden administration shooting itself in the foot?

As noted by Andrew Arthur, the “Rosary Exception” in the Mayorkas policy lists anyplace the rosary might be prayed as protected.

As a Catholic, I am fully aware that the rosary can be said anywhere at all. The entire country, then, is a sanctuary for illegal aliens.

Criminals can now use the rosary as a weapon against law enforcement. That’s about as cynical as one can get and still breathe.

The Biden administration is obviously in lock-step with the globalist elites. They would make a heaven on earth by human means. They would be a religion without God.

Their weapon is confusion. Their soldiers are propagandists and policymakers who are malignantly incompetent. This was in full view with the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle when President Joe Biden called it an “extraordinary success.”

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How stupid do they think the American public is?

America is under attack. That much is clear. A great number of leftists hate America. They hate freedom. They hate God.

It was former President Abraham Lincoln who said, “As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

Many leftists have a death wish. They would see America kill itself and they will do whatever it takes, no matter how irrational or ill-advised, to kill it from within.

There’s a lesser-known quote by French writer Louis-Sebastian Mercier, “Choose then, man! Be happy or miserable; if yet it be in thy power to choose: fear tyranny, detest slavery, arm thyself, live free, or die!”

Time to saddle up.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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