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All Travel From Europe to America Suspended for 30 Days Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

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During his primetime address to the nation on Wednesday night, President Trump declared a moratorium on travel from Europe to the United States for one solid month. The U.K. is excluded, however.

Here are the details, via Fox News:

The Trump administration will suspend travel from European countries to the United States for 30 days as the fast-spreading coronavirus continues to grow.

The measure will go into effect at midnight Friday, Trump said during a nationally televised message from the White House on Wednesday. He said the “strong but necessary” restrictions would not apply to the United Kingdom.


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Check this out, via Daily Wire:

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced on Monday that the government has locked down the entire country in an attempt to deal with the outbreak of the coronavirus, which originated in China.


The Trump administration could put a stop to the spread of the Coronavirus tomorrow and CNN would still be upset because too many white men helped solve the problem.

It’s reasons like this that has America ready to re-elect Trump.

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From CNN:

Washington (CNN)It’s a statement that’s as predictable as it is infuriating: President Donald Trump’s administration lacks diversity.


By contrast, former President Barack Obama’s circle of advisers in the face of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa was hardly so monochromatic. Neither was it so abysmal in terms of gender diversity. (Of course, to contextualize, Obama’s administration, on the whole, was far more diverse than Trump’s.)


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