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Alyssa Milano Pushes NRA Conspiracy Theory, Internet Blows It Out of The Water



Actress and obnoxious liberal activist Alyssa Milano is back at it again, apparently refusing to learn her lesson after being repeatedly embarrassed during her attempts at “hashtag activism” on Twitter.

Once again, she’s setting her sights on the National Rifle Association, pushing a conspiracy theory about the gun rights group giving a courage award to Ajit Pai, the man responsible for repealing net neutrality.

The incompetence of Hollywood seems to know no bounds, does it?

Here are some of the responses Milano received in light of her support for this “theory.”

First, the “true believers.”

Now the skeptics, AKA “the smart ones.”

And just for an added bit of fun, here’s some of the insanity she tweeted before this, just to give you some context as to who we’re dealing with here:

Perhaps, if Milano spent half as much time on her career as she does saying foolish things on Twitter, she’d be relevant to the entertainment industry again?

Just something to think about, Ms. Milano.

Source: The Daily Wire


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