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Alyssa Milano's Plan to Remove Trump Involves Secular 'Prayer' for 7 Minutes Per Day

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Alyssa Milano has done a lot of silly things since Donald Trump became president. This one might be number one. Think about that, for a second. Of all the dumb stuff, Milano now wants to lead her uninformed followers in a secular chant that calls for Trump’s removal. What kind of sorcery is this?


I need your help manifesting a change-of-guard in Washington.

For 7 minutes a day, I’ll be chanting the following mantra: “Believe in believing. The impossible is possible.” As I do this I’ll be thinking of the special world we want to create.

JOIN ME. We’re stronger together.

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This is what I’m going to do starting tomorrow morning. JOIN ME.

Upon waking, lay in shavasana (look it up), set your alarm for 7 minutes.

Say this mantra: Believe in believing. The impossible is possible.

And then out loud say, “we’d like to create a changing of the guard.


Chant with me Alyssa…

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We laugh, but this is serious.

She’s serious.

And many in her cult will do it.

They’ll be manifesting… something.

“Believe in believing. The impossible is possible.”

Sounds like the mantra that got DJT elected against all odds. 👍🏻

We manifested a change-of-guard in Washington in 2016.

H/T: Twitchy

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