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Amazon Defends Anti-Cop Merch to 'Give Customers Freedom of Choice,' But Continues Banning Conservative Books

Linkedin Share is defending its decision to continue selling anti-cop merchandise to “give customers the freedom of choice,” but they will continue to ban the sale of certain conservative books whose authors they have blocked for ideological reasons.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Amazon refused to pull down items calling cops murderers and calling for their destruction because they don’t want to limit the products their customers can buy.

That’s right, Amazon is claiming they are a bastion of freedom of choice… unless you are a conservative, then you have no freedom of choice and you are at Amazon’s mercy, both as a buyer and a seller.

As the Beacon reported:

Through Amazon, clothing makers are selling T-shirts, hats, bandannas, and masks that feature the anti-police slogan. Today for just $15.99 users can buy a “Blue Lives Murder” adjustable face mask and—for only $1 more—a baseball cap bearing the same slogan. Amazon defended the products, saying it strives to provide its customers “with the widest possible selection” of goods.

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“We do not endorse the content of any particular book, video, or product,” an Amazon spokeswoman said.

However, if you want to buy a t-shirt slamming Vice President Kamala Harris… tough luck. You can’t. Amazon has banned them.

Oh, you say you want to buy the book about transgenderism written by conservative Ryan T. Anderson? Nope. Banned.

Time and again we see conservative books and products banned on Amazon.

So, when it comes to products that call for hate against cops… sure, it’s cool. But things by conservatives? Nope. Banned.

So much for that “wide selection.”

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