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Ambush: Criminal BLM Activist Is Jailed After He Doxxes, 'Intimidates' High Profile Judge at Her Home

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A Black Lives Matter activist has been charged with harassing the presiding judge in the high-profile trial of the police officer who shot Daunte Wright.

Kimberly Potter, who was an officer with the police department in Brooklyn Center, Minnestoa, shot Wright to death in April during a traffic stop.

Potter has said she meant to use a Taser on Wright, but instead she fired her service weapon, killing him. She faces charges of first-degree manslaughter and second-degree manslaughter, according to The New York Times.

Initially, Judge Regina Chu refused to allow cameras in the courtroom — a decision she later changed.

Cortez Rice, 32, was arrested in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and is awaiting extradition to Minnesota to answer for his actions on Nov. 6, according to KSTP-TV. Police took Rice into custody after they realized he had an active warrant during a traffic stop.

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On the date, Rice is accused of going to the condo where the judge lived.

In the past, Rice has claimed he is George Floyd’s nephew, a claim the family has said is bogus.

The activist live-streamed himself on Youtube during the November incident, saying, “We on her heels. What she think [inaudible] we want cameras. The people deserve to know,” according to a criminal complaint, as reported by KSTP-TV.

“We got confirmation that this is her house right here,” Rice also said, according to KARE-TV.

“The judge is staying in this nice, predominantly white neighborhood in this nice, little white building.”

Rice mocked a neighbor who confronted him, saying, “‘Is there a reason why you’re yelling out the window?’ Yeah, to let the gang know we’re up in this b****.”

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Chu told police she “believed she was the target” of Rice and a group with him, KSTP-TV reported. She said she believed their “intention was to intimidate her” and “interfere with the judicial process,” the criminal complaint said.

Rice was charged with felony harassment with aggravated violations — tampering with a juror or retaliating against a judicial officer.

Former Chief Judge of Hennepin County District Court Kevin Burke deplored the actions of Rice.

Should this activist spend time in jail for this stunt?

“I understand the First Amendment. I understand people have a right to protest. But you want to have a protest that’s effective. And this is a monumentally stupid way to go about to express your opinion,” Burke told KARE-TV.

Rice deleted his first live-stream but posted a second.

“It’s very unfortunate for y’all little-minded people,” Rice stated in the video.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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