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Americans Horrified After Watching Jill Biden's White House Christmas Video

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At this point in 2023, you would think the Bidens would have run out of ways to humiliate, shame and otherwise be an embarrassment to their American constituents.

You would think wrong.

Because Jill Biden, ostensibly the least abrasive Biden adult (and she’s still plenty annoying), decided to turn 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — you know, the literal and figurative epicenter of this great country’s governance — into a garish leftist fever dream that would make Buddy the Elf blush.

Take a look at Mrs. Biden’s take on “The Nutcracker Suite” below:

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“A bit of magic, wonder, and joy brought to you by the talented tappers of Dorrance Dance, performing their playful interpretation of The Nutcracker Suite,” Biden posted on X.

Do you miss having Melania Trump as first lady?

She added: “Enjoy!”

Well, as is often the case with Biden directives, viewers did not listen and did anything but “enjoy” the rainbow vomit that had been plastered all over the White House.

A cursory glance at social media responses showed that Jill Biden’s tawdry White House Christmas decorations were off-putting enough that swathes of X users suddenly discovered that the Grinch may have been onto something:

“It’s a mentally ill Christmas at the Biden White House,” conservative pundit Tim Young pointed out.

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Republican reporter Sarah Fields astutely pointed out that her issue was more with the troupe selected than the act itself:

“Dorrance Dance, the New York City based tap dance company that performed the atrocious version of The Nutcracker Suite in the White House, has a full page on their site dedicated to teaching white people to ‘check their privilege,'” Fields noted.

(Racial animus against white people is hardly anything new from the left and the Bidens, but that doesn’t excuse it.)

Another X user accurately pointed out that “This is something of nightmares.”

Daily Wire pundit (and expert on women) Matt Walsh perhaps summed it up best: “Thanks it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

It also can’t be understated that Jill Biden appears to have found this new low after two straight years of people criticizing her White House Christmas decorations … So it’s not like expectations were exactly sky-high for this year’s festivities.

But perhaps the most biting thing to come of all this: It’s another year, it’s another reminder of how much Americans miss former first lady Melania Trump’s gracious and classy Christmas decorations.

Whatever one may think of the ideological and political differences between Republicans and Democrats, there are now years of evidence that one side knows how to do Christmas right … and it’s not the team inviting an anti-white acid trip to the White House.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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