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Americans Tune Out the President | Schaftlein Report

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Americans Tune Out the President | Schaftlein Report
Guest: Jeffrey Dunetz – LidBlog Author ( )
1) Biden asks Gas Station owners to lower prices and continues his criticism of oil companies
a. Americans have “Tuned Out” Biden – His gun speech was viewed by only 5% of focus group participants
b. Germany may have to ration gas
2) Secretary Granholm to meet with oil and refinery companies to discuss the issues – Claims she has no idea how to resolve the problem but at lest it is a step in right direction
3) Tax holiday is dead on arrival in congress – Democrats say Biden was too slow to react to rising inflation and gas prices
4) Fed Chairman Jay Powell “Soft landing is very challenging and a recession is possible”
5) President heads to Europe Saturday for meeting with NATO on Ukraine war and G7 Economic summit
6) France, Germany, Italy and Romania did not promise heavy weapons to Ukraine
a. It is likely to have to cede property to get the war to end and achieve a peace deal
b. Leadership of Biden and NATO comes into question
c. NATO and Ukraine has gone from trying to achieve a military victory to a Survival mode
7) Supreme Court strikes down NY gun restriction law – Establishes the right to carry
8) DeSantis leads Trump by 2 in New Hampshire poll for 2024 39-37% – A statistical tie

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