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America's Busiest Border Crossing Closed by 'Freedom Truckers'

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While Ottawa officials continue to push back against the “Freedom Trucker” convoy and their supporters, authorities to the west are dealing with another wing of the pro-liberty demonstration, and the potentially disastrous effects that ignoring their demands could have on international commerce.

These  “Freedom Truckers” have banded together, pushing back against a new rule that would force the unvaccinated among them to quarantine for 14 days after crossing back into Canada from the United States, effectively cutting their revenue potential in half.

The latest tactic in their protest has been to close down the busiest border crossing in North America.

The busiest border crossing in North America was shut down as the Canadian truckers protesting their country’s vaccine mandates made it to the Detroit-Windsor border, causing traffic on the highway to Detroit.

“It doesn’t make sense as they shouldn’t be blocking the borders or the roads,” Canadian truck driver Nav Aulch told Click on Detroit.

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Traffic began building on I-75 and the Ambassador Bridge around 3 p.m. Monday. Detroit officials said the Ambassador Bridge was closed at about 8 p.m., leaving thousands of truckers left stranded on Detroit roads, according to Fox 2 Detroit.

But others were in full support of the group, even if it meant being inconvenienced.

“Can’t get upset,” one of the truckers told Click on Detroit. “I’m not the only guy stuck out here. Fortunately, I do have a sleeper cabin. I feel bad for those drivers that don’t have that option.”

The movement has been spreading as well, with convoys now organizing from coast to coast in Canada, and with numerous American truckers joining in support of their Canuck colleagues.

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