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Amy Coney Barrett Answers Questions Concerning Her Faith, Lifestyle During Second Day Of Confirmation Hearings



Judge Amy Coney Barrett started the second day of her confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court by taking on a number of questions about whether or not her faith and lifestyle would influence the decisions she would make if confirmed to the bench.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham asked ACB about her devotion to her Catholic faith, what it feels like to be nominated to SCOTUS, and whether or not she owns a firearm. All of these questions are related to how she might rule when it comes to the Second Amendment and the First Amendment’s protection of freedom of religion.

via Washington Examiner:

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“We do own a gun,” Barrett, who serves on the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, answered when Graham asked her about her “personal views about the topic.”

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Barrett answered “yes” when Graham asked if she “could fairly decide a case,” even though she owns a gun.

Graham asked Barrett if she could “set aside whatever Catholic beliefs you have” regarding cases before the Supreme Court.

“I can, and I have done that in my time on the 7th Circuit,” the judge said. “If I stay on the 7th Circuit, I’ll continue to do that. If I’m confirmed to the Supreme Court, I will do that.”

Barrett went on to speak about how she and her family attempted to go on a media blackout for the sake of her mental health, but stated she’s well aware of the the “caricatures floating around” about her lifestyle and Catholic faith.

“We knew that our lives would be combed over,” Barrett said. “We had to decide whether these difficulties would be worth it. What sane person would go through that if there wasn’t a benefit on the other side?”

The judge said she decided to accept the nomination.

“I should serve my country, and my family is all in on that because they share my belief in the rule of law,” Barrett stated.

Barrett is proving to be a difficult target for the Democrats to take down. She’s not a man, so they can’t really do the sexual assault angle, which is their primary weapon of choice. There’s nothing scandalous about her because she’s so devout to her faith and lives according to those principles, thus her record is clean.

This is why they’ve attacked her faith. It’s all they’ve got. But this is not working out well in their favor. It makes them look discriminatory and intolerant. It seems like this SCOTUS pick is a slam dunk.

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