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Andrew Klavan Reveals Why American Political Discourse is So Brutal Today, And The Media Plays a Huge Role

He’s on to something here.



If you’ve spent more than five minutes on social media, and, for whatever sadistic reason, decided to view the comment section on a news story involving a political topic of some sort, you’ve no doubt witnessed the full expression of the Christian doctrine of total depravity.

Yes, if anyone has any doubts about the absolutely wicked, corrupt nature of mankind, just reading online comments will spell it all out for you pretty clearly.

Why are we so divided these days? Why can’t people seem to have a decent conversation about politics without wanting to bash each other’s brains out?

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Andrew Kalvan might have the answer and it has a lot to do with the media.

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“I think the reason we can’t talk is because the media stands between Left and Right, and 8% of the people, the radical left, are running 85% of the media,” The Daily Wire podcast host explained on Monday’s episode of “The Andrew Klavan Show.” “By the media, I don’t just mean however you’re getting your news, I’m talking about Hollywood, I’m talking about social media. It was amazing to watch social media this weekend; I think a lot of people just took the weekend off and weren’t on it, so the only people who were left were angry people, people who always say ‘I’m so outraged!’ It was endless, and I started to crack up after a while. It was kind of funny.”

Klavan also criticized New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd for calling President Donald Trump the “real American Psycho” and Republicans not supporting the White House “malefactors.”

“What she’s saying here is just because other Republicans attack Trump, doesn’t mean we should like other Republicans; they all stink,” he explained. “The point she is making is hate Trump, but don’t forget to hate all the other Republicans as well. At least that’s honest, they’re not saying, ‘Oh it started with Trump’ — they’re saying we’ve hated you all this time — it never occurs to her that maybe Trump is a reaction to all that hatred she was pouring on people.”

What’s getting in the way? It’s that day after day, speaking to their base, telling them “don’t forget, it’s not enough hate, it’s good that you hate Donald Trump, but you’re not hating enough, you’re not outraged enough, you’re not mean enough.” That’s how we get this stuff, like what’s happening to Tucker Carlson.

Klavan is on to something here.

The hatred these folks have for the right is absolutely nothing new. It’s the way they’ve been for ages now, and they’ve never really been shy about expressing their hatred for conservatives.

And that’s precisely what has led to the slap to the snout the left received from the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. Which, instead of learning their lesson and maybe toning down the hate and learning to actually engage the issues, they’ve turned up the heat even more.

One has to wonder what it’s going to take for these people to get it.

Source: Daily Wire

Save conservative media!


‘Tremendous Cheating’ – Trump Says Another GOP President Will Never Be Elected (Video)

He’s probably right.

John Salvatore



Aside from the copious amounts of voter fraud during the 2020 election, Joe Biden plans to give amnesty to over 11 million illegal aliens. That just means more votes for the Democrat Party. So, combine cheating with the illegal vote and the shredding of the Constitution, and you have a scenario where no Republican ever becomes president again. Not a hard concept to fathom – and Democrats know it. POTUS said, “It’s not like you’re going to change my mind. In other words, my mind will not change in six months. There was tremendous cheating here. Boxes were brought in. The mail-in vote is a disaster. By the way, if Republicans allow it to happen, you’ll never have another Republican elected in the history of this country at a Senate level or at a presidential level. You’ll never or at the House level. Mail-in voting is a total disaster.” VIDEO: Let’s hope Trump’s legal team finds the goods. America is literally at stake. A Biden/Harris administration would cripple the country in a way that may cause permanent damage, similar to Obamacare – but on steroids!

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Joe Biden’s Injury More Serious Than Initially Reported, Fractured Foot Playing With Dog

He’ll need a boot for weeks!

John Salvatore



At first, it was reported that the man who can’t string along a coherent sentence merely twisted his ankle while playing with his dog. Apparently, that wasn’t the whole story. Go figure. Here’s the deal, via Daily Wire: “President-elect Joe Biden sustained a sprain of his right foot,” Biden’s doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, initially said in a statement on Sunday evening. “Initial X-rays are reassuring that there is no obvious fracture and he will be getting an additional CT for more detailed imaging.” […] However followup tests revealed that Biden, 78, sustained fractures in his foot from the fall he sustained while playing with one of his dogs. Here’s some Biden-related randomness, via Twitter…

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