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Ann Coulter Goes On Rant Blasting 'Blithering Idiot' Trump, Supports Ex-AG Jeff Sessions

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What the heck happened to Ann Coulter? She used to be a proud conservative then, one day, completely out of the blue, she revolted against President Trump like she was getting paid to do it.

Coulter was one of the first big-names to support Trump back in 2015. Now, she hopes he isn’t even re-elected in 2020. She actually said she’d support Bernie Sanders over Trump.

From TDW:

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions continued to spar on social media with President Donald Trump over the weekend as Sessions runs for his old Senate seat in Alabama this fall. Early Sunday, Sessions received support from conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

Trump’s attacks come as Sessions is fighting to regain his U.S. Senate seat after he stepped down to join the administration as attorney general in 2017. Trump is angry with Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia investigation from the get-go, a move that allowed the investigation to drag on.

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Jeff’s tweet:

Ann’s turn:

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From Newsweek:

Notorious conservative commentator Ann Coulter has declared that she’s “done” with President Donald Trump’s position on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), in response to the Supreme Court hearing arguments on DACA Tuesday.

Trump’s tweet:

Ann’s response:

From Fox News:

In a preview clip of PBS’s “Firing Line with Margaret Hoover” released Wednesday, host Margaret Hoover asked Coulter how she viewed the progressive senator [Bernie Sanders]. She asked whether she would support him if he campaign on “getting rid of low-skilled workers” to ensure higher wages.


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