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Another Dem Win on Crime: Man Arrested for Savage Street Attack on Woman, Arrested Twice Before, Once for Attacking Cop

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At this point, is anything we’re hearing out of Democrat-run cities surprising?

A New York woman suffered a broken jaw on Tuesday when she was attacked while walking home from work.

PIX11 reported that Dulce Pichardo was attacked by a man, later identified as Franz Jeudy, while walking down the street. Jeudy was chased down by Pichardo’s brother, who owns a business across the street from where the attack occurred.

Jeudy has been charged with assault.

Jeudy never said a word during the attack. ‘What’s going on? Why did you hit me? Why did you do it?’ I didn’t do anything. No reason to hit me,” said Pichardo after being struck.

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Jeudy, who denied the attack when apprehended, had been charged with assault on two previous occasions. Once in 2018 when he attacked a cop and again in 2019.

Despite his criminal record and his assault charge for attacking Pichardo, Jeudy was released with a misdemeanor.

Have American judges and policymakers become too soft on crime?

Pichardo said she lost three teeth, suffered nerve damage and has had her jaw wired shut.

Pichardo expressed the fear she now feels just being out, “I’m not going to be close to nobody. I’m very afraid. I tell my son where I’m going, I want you to walk with me.”

Rightfully angry and wanting action by the city, she said, “I don’t want this happening again. I want New York to do something about this. They have to stop this.”

That’s New York City, folks!

Your blood should be boiling after hearing this story. Jeudy has a history of violence and after this, his third charge, he is back on the street?

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When cities like New York are soft on crime, this is the result. The criminals feel emboldened to break the law again and again.

Let’s not single out New York. This is a problem with most Democrat-run cities and states. Elections have consequences.

Remember when California released thousands of convicted pedophiles after spending less than a year in prison?

There are reasons sensible people are leaving these states en masse. They are fed up and seeking out better state governments where criminals actually pay for what they have done and the streets are a lot safer.

Pichardo wants New York to do something, but will they, honestly? Democratic Mayor Eric Adams is too busy giving free food, free housing and debit cards to illegals.

I doubt he has time to uphold law and order and keep people like Pichardo safe.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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