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Antifa Strikes in Portland as Police Appear Overwhelmed

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The city of Portland, Oregon has been in various states of rage for several years now, as left-wing provocateurs continue to turn peaceful protests into violent riots nearly weekly.

The latest fracas has once again demonstrated the Portland government’s unpreparedness, with alleged members of the alt-left group Antifa completely overwhelming the police there.

The resource-strapped Portland Police Bureau (PPB) reportedly took more than 20 minutes to respond when alleged antifa members assaulted a Saturday campaign event near police headquarters in downtown Portland.

By the time officers had “sufficient resources” to establish a crime scene near Southwest 3rd and Main Street, the black-clad demonstrators had already dispersed after hurling smoke grenades, paint-filled balloons and fireworks, according to police. Two were injured by “mortars,” police said.

The protesters’ violence cut short the event in support of Republican gubernatorial candidate Stan Pulliam, whose platform includes refunding the police.

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Pulliam had no problem telling it like it is.

“This is what happens when a Republican dares to hold an event in Portland to talk about funding our police. Antifa shows up,” Pulliam tweeted along with footage of the incident.

Portland’s mayor has been routinely criticized for his kid-glove approach to these riotous rabble-rousers, and this egregious display will likely do even more damage to his reputation for capitulation.

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