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‘AOC Is A Wack Job!’ Trump Rips Ocasio-Cortez After A Constituent Says to ‘Eat the Babies’

Eat the babies, you say? What WILL they come up with next!?

John Salvatore



“We need to eat the babies!”

These words come from the lips of a woman who attended an Ocasio-Cortez town hall on Thursday night.

It’s pretty darn funny to watch, but at the same time it is evident this woman is in serious need of some help.

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One of Ocasio-Cortez’s constituents loses her mind over climate change during AOC’s townhall, claims we only have a few months left: “We got to start eating babies! We don’t have enough time! … We have to get rid of the babies! … We need to eat the babies!”

Donald Trump Jr. weighed in:

Seems like a normal AOC supporter to me.

Then, the president of the United States spoke up…

AOC is a Wack Job!

AOC fired back:

Better than being a criminal who betrays our country.

AOC’s thoughts on the crazed woman:

Hey everyone!

We had a fabulous town hall tonight & I’ll be highlighting some moments from it.

At one point I was concerned there was a woman in crisis & want to ensure we treat the situation compassionately.

Let’s not mock or make a spectacle. &let’s work on Medicare for All!

This person may have been suffering from a mental condition and it’s not okay that the right-wing is mocking her and potentially make her condition or crisis worse. Be a decent human being and knock it off.


When you tell people they’re all literally going to die if we don’t do something within 12 years to save the planet, you inspire this kind of derangement. Grow up and stop blaming everyone else for everything that’s wrong and own the big part you’re playing in this madness.

Maybe you should stop scaring people especially the feeble minded into thinking we only have 12 years left to live… Take some damn responsibility!

If she’s got mental problems they are exacerbated by the scare mongering you are a part of re the climate. If you want to be compassionate tell the truth.

The fact that we don’t know if that woman was serious or not shows how insane the left has gotten. Save the planet! Eat the babies!

Maybe be a decent human being and stop fueling their paranoia? It’s your hyperbole that’s driving that, not right wing trolls.

H/T: Twitchy

Save conservative media!


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‘Implemencation?’ What?

John Salvatore



It’s a day ending in “y,” so 2020 Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden said something silly. It’s just par for the course, at this point – like a tweet from President Trump. It’s just going to happen. The fact that the former vice president, who has yet to be endorsed by Barack Obama, still has trouble stringing along basic sentences, is troubling. Unless you’re a Democrat. In that case, everything is fine. VIDEO: From NY Post: Just days after his commanding primary victories in Florida, Arizona and Illinois, the coronavirus has turned former Vice President Joe Biden into a virtual prisoner of his Delaware home, where he’s reduced to sniping at President Trump from the family rec room. “He’s making himself irrelevant,” Saikat Chakrabarti, a former chief of staff to Queens Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, told The Post, saying the virtual broadcasts were not helping. “We need action immediately, and Biden can’t do anything real right now.” Here’s more COVID-19 randomness, via Twitter…

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China Likely Lying About COVID-19 Deaths, Photos Shows Thousands of Urns [Report]

How will they spin this one?

John Salvatore



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