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AOC: People Aren't Eating At Asian Restaurants Because They Are 'Racist' About Coronavirus

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Does rookie lawmaker Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) have facts to back up her latest nonsensical rant? Probably not. But then again, that is largely how Democrats operate.

According to AOC, people aren’t going to Asian restaurants because they are “racist” and think every person of Asian descent is infected with the Coronavirus (or something like that).

Where in the world did this come from? It’s as if this woman lives in her own world.

Also, “patroning” isn’t a word. She just invented it. You’ll understand in a second.


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With just one tweet, AOC showed the entire nation why she has no business serving in Congress.


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AOC’s response…


More on Alexandria, via MSN:

As for her support of Sanders in the 2020 presidential race — she said Sanders is not only running for president, but running to represent a broader, multi-racial, multi-generational movement.

“If you attend one of Bernie’s rallies, you will see this movement in action,” she said. “He can expand the electorate, he can win over independent voters. He is the strongest candidate in head-to-head polls against Donald Trump. He is our best bet in November.”

Even though the stock market continues to break record after record, Democrats still have to find a way to make it seem as if it isn’t a big deal; that President Trump’s policies had nothing to do with it; generally, that America is evil.

For example…


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