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AOC's Latest Capitol Riot Statement Aims to Add Gravity to Event

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There is a tug of war ongoing on Capitol Hill in this month, as a number of politicians continue to bicker over just what happened there on January 6th.

Some call it a riot, while others believe that the mob storming the building was an insurrection, citing their chants to “hang Mike Pence” as evidence of the severity of the situation.

Lawmakers on the right have sought to downplay the event, with some even suggesting a comparison to “tourism”, all in the name of attempting to divert attention away from the violence, and make their opposition to a January 6th commission all the more palatable for the more moderate of their constituents.

On the other side of the aisle, however, there are no shortage of statements meant to invoke a far heavier view of the day.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said she is in therapy as a result of the January 6 Capitol riot, or what she described as an “all-out, attempted coup,” pointing figures at the Trump administration and contending it “had a lot of us, especially Latino communities, in a very reactive mode.”

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Speaking to the radio show Latino USA on Friday, the far-left Democrat said U.S. lawmakers effectively “served in war” and explained she “took some time” after the event. She confided in fellow “Squad” member Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), who told her she needed to “recognize trauma.”

And then…

“And I feel like I learned this the hard way after my father had passed away when I was a teenager … That happened at a young age and I locked it away. You have to live with it for years,” she continued, explaining she is in therapy due to the January 6 event.

“Oh yeah, I’m doing therapy but also I’ve just slowed down,” she said. “I think the Trump administration had a lot of us, especially Latino communities, in a very reactive mode.”

AOC has repeatedly stated that she feared for her life during the attempted insurrection.

More than 440 individuals have been arrested in connection to the events of January 6th, and the FBI is still seeking to identity hundreds more for potential detention.

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