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Ariz. Voter: 'I Watched as a Woman Put Xs Through My Ballot' After 8 Unsuccessful Scans

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Election integrity and the ability to safely, accurately and efficiently tabulate votes are a bedrock of American democracy.

So why did so many American voters struggle to even cast their ballot?

The Western Journal set out to investigate what was going on in its own backyard. (The Western Journal is based in Arizona.)

We took a look at and analyzed multiple videos sent in by former publisher Floyd Brown.

Here’s just one example of how difficult it was to vote — in the voter’s own words.

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You can watch the video above.

In it, an Arizona voter recounted the all-too-familiar tale of having an unacceptable number of issues with her ballot, before being graciously offered to have her ballot placed behind “door three” and being transported downtown.

“They offered me Door Number 3 and said those ballots would be taken downtown and counted by hand that night,” the voter said. “I said ‘No thank you.’ I asked if I could spoil my ballot and vote again.

“So I watched as a woman put X’s through my ballot, and she directed me back over to the check-in area. The woman who re-checked me in didn’t confirm anything [or] what had happened to my spoiled ballot.”

Do voting machines, drop boxes and ballot harvesting open America's elections to fraud?

The voter was ultimately able to cast her vote, though it did take two hours to do so.

The voter ultimately got her ballot submitted, but even if it didn’t take two hours, it still paints an unflattering picture of those running this election.

If there were just one example of a voter struggling to cast their ballot, The Western Journal might have dismissed it as pure happenstance.

But this is far from the only instance.

If you want to see any of the other damning examples of voter irregularities that The Western Journal has collected, consider joining The Western Journal today as a Premium Member! Doing so will allow you to view all of these videos in one, convenient place.

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While you’re taking in all of these voter irregularities, consider teaming with The Western Journal today to shine light on the dark corruption that’s infecting our politics, our culture and our country. Together, we can expose the left and its unprincipled plans for our future.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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