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Arizona Authorities Warn of 'Vigilantes' Watching Ballot Drop Boxes

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Election security is very much on the minds of Americans this week, as the midterm elections continue to daunt us from just two weeks in the future. Heck, even President Joe Biden is his team are worried about the integrity of the vote, and are planning to warn the nation at large about the risks that our electoral system will face in the coming days.

Some of the concerns held by everyday Americans revolved around the use of auxiliary balloting systems, such as mail-in voting and early-voting drop boxes, both of which featured prominently in the heated discussions that were occurring in the wake of the 2020 presidential election.

Now, as Arizonians began their own march to the polls, authorities are receiving reports of armed men watching over some of these remote-voting locations.

Maricopa County officials expressed that they are concerned over increased reports of voter intimidation at ballot boxes after two armed “vigilantes” were found outside a ballot box on Friday.

Photos and videos from Friday, obtained by ABC News, showed two men dressed in tactical gear and armed with magazines stationed outside a ballot box. The pair left before authorities arrived.

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There were concerns about the proximity of the men to the voting location.

Police began to measure the distance between where the men were standing and the ballot box to make sure they weren’t too close. Arizona law prohibits people from entering the 75-foot limit of a voting location with a weapon, which is considered to be an unlawful act of voter intimidation.

Traditional polling places are often staffed by security of some sort, often local police, which prevents such incidents from occurring.

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