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Arizona Hiker Finds Balloon With Note to Santa. What Happens Next Is Nothing Short of Miraculous.

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The Christmas wishes of little children are such a sweet thing. Whether it’s for a pony, puppy, or a BB gun, the littlest people sometimes have the biggest holiday dreams. For one little girl in Mexico, though, her dreams were answered by an unlikely miracle.

While hiking in Patagonia, Arizona, a man named Randy Heiss came across a pop of red color in the sandy landscape. When he came up to the red item and found that it was a tattered old balloon, he picked it up to dispose of it in a proper trash can.

That’s when he discovered a small note attached, written in Spanish in the wiggly scrawl of a child’s hand. Heiss was curious, so he brought the note home for his Spanish-speaking wife to translate.

As it turned out, the note was a Christmas list sent to Santa Claus by a little girl named Dayami.

“She asked for a lot of things,” he said in an interview with FOX10. “Enchanted house, clothes, coloring book, magic markers, paints and she asked for Pokemon characters.”

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From the moment Heiss was able to understand little Dayami’s note, he says it became his mission to make her dreams come true.

Fulfilling the wishes on little Dayami’s list, including clothes, coloring books, markers, and paints, was the easy part.

Dayami launched the balloon with no return address on her letter because, after all, the letter was intended for the all-knowing Santa Claus.

Heiss was committed to give the little girl the gifts she’d been hoping for, but how would he track down her location to deliver them?

At first, Heiss gave Facebook a try, using his employer’s page to reach more people in search of Dayami. Unfortunately, no one was able to point him in her direction.

Back to square one, Heiss and his wife surmised that the balloon most likely was sent from across the border in the Mexican city of Nogales. They came to a popular Nogales radio station who put a message out on the airwaves in hopes of finding Dayami.

“Within one hour,” Heiss told FOX10, “they had located Dayami.”

Still seeking to keep the magic of Christmas alive for Dayami and her young siblings who still believe Santa is real, Heiss and his wife took on the title of “Santa’s helpers” and finally delivered the gifts to the overjoyed little girl.

You can view the heartwarming Fox 10 report here.

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From a bit of trash on a hiking trail to a child’s Christmas wishes fulfilled, this incredible story can only be described as a miracle.

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