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Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and The Disuniting of America 

Jeff Davidson



Arthur Schlesinger Jr. was a noted historian, educator, and social critic who served as Special Assistant to President Kennedy. A Harvard graduate, after serving in World War II, he returned to Harvard as a history professor, from 1946 until 1961. His book, The Age of Jackson was a critical success and earned him a Pulitzer Prize. He then wrote a three-volume set titled, The Age of Roosevelt.

In Touch at the Top

Schlesinger, forever active in liberal politics, became an adviser to Adlai Stevenson, before serving in the Kennedy administration. He had assisted both men during their presidential campaigns. Schlesinger’s 1965 book on the Kennedy administration, titled A Thousand Days: John F. Kennedy in the White House (1965), earned him a second Pulitzer Prize. 

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He continued to teach and to write, and to rack up more awards. His subsequent books include The Bitter Heritage (1967), The Imperial Presidency (1973), Robert Kennedy and His Times (1978), and War and the American Presidency (2004). His slimmest of books, The Disuniting of America, first published in 1991, with an updated version in 1998, speaks to our current political and socio-economic landscape.

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Schlesinger keenly observed the American condition. He noted the advantage to everyone if whites were more sensitive about the situations that blacks encounter, and if blacks would be less sensitive about the situations they encounter. He argued that when either group sees everything through a racial lens, contorted views result. Not every slight is based on race and not all acquiescence is benevolent.

Historical Realities vs Distortions of the Truth

Presumed historical realities, Schlesinger observed, are often subtle if not outright distortions of the truth. Predictably, the volume of contradictory information and the associated historical discrepancies it spawns is rising. Of late, consider “The 1619 Project” concocted by the New York Times.

In the ‘politically correct’ era in which Schlesinger wrote The Disuniting of America, and much more so today, pseudo-historians dispense misinformation in the form of “feel-good history.” Feel-good history actually is the antithesis of history. It is a narrative designed to accent or embellish the nature or accomplishments of select groups, Schlesinger noted, for purposes other than conveying what historical records objectively reveal.

To Schlesinger’s chagrin, American history, in particular, has become one of the most maligned of the historical disciplines. Do misinformed or overzealous teachers and professors have the right to overturn decades of research and analysis in the quest to present their version of “the untold, untaught side of American history?” 

Multi-religious vs. Multicultural Societies

At length, Schlesinger discussed the important distinction between multi-religious and multicultural societies. Multi-religious societies have existed throughout history and have succeeded for long stretches. People who share common goals and national objectives might have different religious views, but still feel and be united.

Multicultural societies, however, are problematic. A society that consists of complete and distinct cultures risks disintegration. 

In America today, 30 years after the first edition of The Disuniting of America, often immigrants arrive who do not assimilate, learn English, or know American history, and otherwise stay apart from the rest of the populace. Does society benefit in the long run? Generally, it does not.

The waves of immigrants who came to the U.S. in the 1890s, then again in the 1910s, had a common objective: to become American citizens. Yes, they would still be Romanian, or Lithuanian, or Greek, etc., but they sought to be Americans, and that is crucial. They didn’t leave their homelands to recreate in America the conditions of their homelands. They arrived here to be part of the American mainstream. 

Groups Who Succeed

Today, legal immigrants from Nigeria, Ghana, Haiti, and the West Indies, all black Americans, have successfully assimilated. Within a generation, or less, these groups often out-earn the average American and out-earn African Americans who have long resided here.

Why are recent black immigrants able to succeed? Many sociologists and scholars maintain that these recent arrivals are free from self-imposed limitations which those residing here for eons have cast upon themselves. Dr. Thomas Sowell, the late Professor Walter Williams, General Colin Powell, and author Shelby Steele, among many others, have noted this in their speeches and books.

The America of today is more disunited than it has been in at least a century, but Arthur Schlesinger’s book was prescient and contains countless bits of wisdom: Independent of skin color, ethnicity, or other so-called dividing factors, America is the land of opportunity.


Biden Publicly Urged to Take Cognitive Test by Former White House Doc and Over a Dozen Lawmakers

This is getting serious.



Joe Biden is no spring chicken, that’s a fact, and there have been a great many concerns about the septuagenarian’s health in recent weeks. While Biden does appear to be, (mostly), physically fit, it is his mental health that has long been in question.  He’s a gaffe machine, of course, and the President himself doesn’t seem to hide from that reality much. But there are now some well-educated folks close to the situation who are sounding the alarm about his memory, and doing so very publicly. Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician, called on President Biden to immediately undergo a cognitive test so the commander-in-chief can prove to the American public sound mental capabilities. “We can’t sit on this any longer,” Jackson told “Hannity” Thursday night, citing Biden’s “embarrassing” performance overseas this week with world leaders. “He’s not physically or cognitively fit to be our president right now,” Jackson added. And it’s not just Jackson. The freshman Texas congressman and 13 of his GOP colleagues sent a letter to Biden Thursday expressing “concern” with his cognitive state and cited several examples of potential memory lapses, including apparently forgetting the name of his Defense Secretary, telling an Amtrak story with a timeline that didn’t add up and seemingly blanking on the often-quoted first line of the Declaration of Independence. “Unfortunately, your mental decline and forgetfulness have become more apparent over the past 18 months,” Jackson and the GOP reps wrote in a letter to Biden, the White House physician and Dr. Anthony Fauci. The left will likely write this off as a stunt, but they do so at their own peril.

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Springsteen Disallows Fans Who’ve Had Certain COVID-19 Vaccines

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As the world races to reopen, there are some longstanding concerns that those who’ve chosen not to be vaccinated could wind end living their lives as second-class citizens. We’re already seeing a number of major industries treat Americans differently based on their choices in regard to bodily sovereignty.  Baseball parks are talking about having unvaccinated “sections”, for instance, and the cruise industry is already looking to break the law in Florida by requiring proof of inoculation to ride. Now things are getting even more segregated and specific, as Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway show will not allow guests who’ve had a specific brand of COVID-19 vaccine. Rabid rock fans looking to celebrate a return to normalcy by taking in Bruce Springsteen’s Broadway show later this month will be on the outside looking in if they’ve received the AstraZeneca vaccine, which hasn’t yet been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration. The show at the St. James Theatre, set to run June 26 through Sept. 4, has a lengthy Q&A page detailing the vaccination protocols in place — including a mandate that all guests must be fully vaccinated with an FDA-approved shot to get in. Guests will meet that criteria if they’ve received a second dose of the Pfizer-BioNtech or Moderna vaccine at least 14 days earlier, or that same span with a Johnson & Johnson jab prior to the Boss’s latest Broadway run. “At the direction of New York State, Springsteen on Broadway and the St. James Theatre will only be accepting proof of FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson),” the website reads. There is but one exception: The lone exceptions to the vaccine policy will be for children under the age of 16 who have had a negative antigen COVID-19 screening six hours prior to the show, or…

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