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As Border Crisis Intensifies, Unlikely Federal Agents Head South

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While a grand swath of our nation has been occupied with the Mueller report and its aftermath, a burgeoning crisis continues to swell on our southern border.

Exacerbated by well-organized and seemingly well-funded migrant “caravans” and a lack of adequate support from a great many of our nation’s legislators, our Customs and Border Patrol forces are running lean.  Maybe a little too lean.

The sheer number of would-be immigrants attempting to enter our nation has overwhelmed a system that was already stretched thin.  Without a physical deterrent to persuade these migrants to seek out legal points of entry, this is not only a legal issue but a humanitarian one, as the illegal methods of entry into the USA are often guided by less-than-scrupulous characters who prey on women and the young within their groups.

The simple and undeniable fact of the matter is that the immigration issue needs addressing, and the federal government is running out of quality enforcement officers to send south.

Now, scraping the bottom of the law enforcement barrel, the TSA will be joining the fight.

Massive Migrant Caravan Marches Toward US with LGBT Flags Flying as Mexican President Snubs Biden at Summit

The Transportation Security Administration plans to send hundreds of officials to help with efforts to deal with migrant inflows on the southern border just as the busy summer travel season begins, according to an internal email obtained by CNN.

The task of the TSA workers, which a source said will include air marshals, will be to assist temporarily with immigration duties. TSA acknowledged in an internal email the “immediate need” comes with the acceptance of “some risk” of depleted resources in aviation security.

TSA plans for the deployments to involve up to 175 law enforcement officials and as many as “400 people from Security Ops,” according to two sources and the email. At least initially, the efforts will not involve uniformed airport screeners, according to the email, which says that some parts of TSA would be asked to contribute “around 10%” of its workforce.

The creation of the TSA has long been considered a low point for American liberties, especially given their abhorrent record of efficacy and the continued expansion of their rights to grope Americans at airports.


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