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As Putin Pretends It's Peaceful, 'Smoking Gun' Supplies Headed to Front Line

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Vladimir Putin talks a big game, that’s for sure.  Perhaps this is an artifact in the DNA of Russia’s upper crust, where the subconscious, omnipresent duo of struggle and the game of chess leaks into the brain.  Putin, very possibly, can’t help himself.  He can’t shut off the part of him that wants to drag the entire world into some semantics-heavy quagmire, sometimes only for the purpose of embarrassing his opponent in the media.

And while some wonder if that isn’t what this whole Ukraine thing is all about, a telltale sign of actual trouble has now arrived on the soon-to-be front lines.

It comes as Moscow has moved blood supplies over to the Ukraine border alongside other medical reserves in support of the Russian troops lining the border with Ukraine, US sources have told Reuters.

Three current and former officials have said the accumulation of these supplies is critical in determining whether Putin is prepared to carry out a potential invasion of Ukraine.

The move is being considered by some to be a smoking gun, at least in regard to Putin’s intent.

Massive Migrant Caravan Marches Toward US with LGBT Flags Flying as Mexican President Snubs Biden at Summit

According to CNN, President Biden had a less-than-productive conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart late in the week, further muddying the international posturing of the situation.

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