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Edited Video Makes Kamala Look Like Basketball Pro, But Full Video Reveals She's Hilariously Bad

Sure, she looked good in the video - until the entire clip came out. Then, she looked as bad as ever, and the propaganda looked worse.
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Biden Calls for Fed Gas Tax Holiday Despite Highway Trust Fund Facing Multi-Billion Dollar Shortfall

If Biden really wants to bring down the price of gas, he should restore former President Donald Trump's pro-U.S. energy development policies.
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Ted Cruz Makes Bold Prediction on Potential SCOTUS End to Roe v. Wade

Ted Cruz made a bold prediction on an interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity on Wednesday night. The pro-abortion crowd won't be happy.
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Trump's Positive Response to Whether He Will Run in 2024 Leaves Conservative Interviewer Very Pleased

The former president's potential plans for 2024 already have American politics on edge. This answer is going to push that even further.
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