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AWESOME: Doughnut Owner's Son Tweets About His "Sad" Dad Reminds Us of the Value of Supporting Small Business

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These days, privileged hipster socialists love to rant against the “evils” of capitalism, but here’s one great story about the power of social media and the value of supporting small businesses that reminds us of the irreplaceable value of private business, hard work, and the power of the dollar.

Here’s the thing: it far more moral when individuals are given the opportunity to earn their own way, build their own business, and contribute to their community while also accumulating wealth for themselves.

This is the American dream than millions upon millions of people all over the world have come here to pursue and have the greatest nation in the history of the world to show for it.

Yahoo News reports:

A boy in Texas is thanking his Twitter followers for boosting business at his family’s doughnut shop after posting about his “sad dad” and gaining hundreds of thousands of supporters in return.

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It all started on Saturday when a Twitter user, who goes by Billy, took to his social media to post a photo of his dad inside of his new Missouri City, Texas, shop to share that nobody had shown up to buy some sweet treats. But less than a day and more than 270,000 retweets later, the store’s fresh inventory was sold out.

That’s right: I’m using a story about a viral tweet that caused a doughnut shop owner to sell out to defend American exceptionalism.

Because a story like this is exactly what makes our nation great. Here is a family who has opened a business, and because of the kind-hearted sympathy of hundreds of thousands of Twitter users who voluntarily took the time to share the post and promote the business, the shop earned a lot more money and dozens of happy customers walked away with fresh doughnuts.

No one forced anyone to support this man’s business. No one’s rights were trampled on. No one was guilted. No one was demonized. No one lost anything.

Decent people who love and support hard-working, small business owners used the oldest, most reliable marketing method in the book to help this man get some business and it worked beautifully, and everybody walked away happy.

Capitalism and liberty are beautiful things!

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