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Bad News for Baldwin as Slain Cinematographer's Estate Makes Moves

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While the shock and horror of it all may have faded from the headlines as of late, the story of demise of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins is far from over.

Hutchins was prepping a shot for the Alec Baldwin-produced “Rust” – a western in which Baldwin was also starring – when the actor drew a firearm and shot Hutchins with a live round.  A great deal of mystery soon arose, first on the subject of that live round and just how it ever made its way into a weapon on set, and just what sort of responsibility Baldwin would have for her death.

For what it’s worth, Baldwin has suggested that he never pulled the trigger, and had been slow in handing over his cellular telephone to authorities with a search warrant for the device.

Now, a new twist to the litigious aspect of the aftermath.

Halyna Hutchins’ family is one step closer to filing a wrongful death lawsuit after the cinematographer was shot and killed by Alec Baldwin on the set of “Rust” last October, court records show.

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A Sante Fe, New Mexico, attorney filed a petition Wednesday asking the court to appoint her as the personal representative of Hutchins’ estate “solely for the purpose of investigating and pursuing a lawsuit under the New Mexico Wrongful Death Act,” the records show.

New Mexico law requires the appointment of a personal representative before a wrongful death lawsuit can be pursued, which the estate has three years from the time of Hutchins’ death to file.

The situation is certainly a rather unique one, and there is little precedent to suggest, one way or the other, how Alec Baldwin’s culpability could be calculated.

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