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Banner Unfurled at Yankee Stadium is Guaranteed to Make Liberals Need a Safe Place

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During a baseball game at Yankee Stadium on Sunday, a large banner was unfurled in right field that no doubt triggered the masses of liberal fans who were in attendance at the event.

The banner was in support of President Donald Trump, having “Trump 2020” scrawled across it in big bold letters, along with the tagline “Keep America Great.”

If you listen closely, you can probably hear the screams of agony and despair pouring out of the left as they contemplate having to deal with Trump for eight years.

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No one knows just how the Trump fans smuggled the massive banner into the stadium. But chances are they aren’t residents of the Bronx, home of Yankee Stadium, because just 5% of the residents in the borough voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

There’s no doubt, somehow, the left will begin spending massive amounts of man hours attempting to tie this banner back to Russian collusion. It’s sort of become their modus operandi over the last few years. You know, since they can’t harp on Trump’s policies, seeing as how they are having a tremendously positive impact on our nation and economic prosperity.

These are the kind of folks who are always desperate to find something to tear people down over. Meanwhile they continue to spend millions of dollars on the investigation into the president, which has yielded absolutely nothing of any real significance.

Little do they know that all of this behavior and hate is only making the president more popular with his ever expanding base. Perhaps one day they’ll catch on, though I highly doubt it.

Source: Daily Wire

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